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Optical Test Equipment There are 314 products.

Optical Test Equipment technology is used to display and evaluate optical radiation with the help of special components and devices. Light can be measured directly or used as excitation to perform measurements, such as in Raman spectroscopy or NIR spectroscopy. Due to the non-contact and fast measurement they provide, these systems are ideally suited for direct measurements during a process (PAT) and for measurements in the laboratory operations. Alongside complete systems and customer-specific solutions, Laser 2000 also offers individual components.

Another field in the area of Optical Test Equipment technology concerns test solutions to overcome challenges in the telecommunications environment. The applications for measurement technology in this field include optical level measurement, OTDRs, OFDR, WDM, inspection of plug end surfaces with microscopes, and bit error and protocol analysis on transmission systems, whether this be within xDSL, Ethernet, SDH, or OTN environments. For measurement technology in laboratories, we offer solutions such as interferometers, RL/IL test solutions, polarization controllers and analyzers, and optical switches.

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  • PolaWise system from General Photonics

  • General Photonics Manual Variable Optical Delay Line VDL-001 erzeugt optische Verzögerungen bis 600 ps (~18 cm).

  • The ERM-202 is a dual channel polarization extinction ratio (PER) meter specifically designed to simultaneously measure the PER and power ratio of a device with two polarization maintaining (PM) outputs, such as a Y-branch fiber gyro IOC, PM coupler (PMC), or polarization beam splitter (PBS), as well as evaluate the performance (output DOP) of depolarizers.

  • The PolaMight (MPC-202) is an advanced Multifunction Polarization Controller specially designed to meet the requirements of coherent receiver performance tests.

  • The multifunction polarization controller MPC-201 has four operating modes for complete control of the polarization.

  • Generating programmable time delay from nanoseconds to milliseconds is important for various applications ranging from data center testing to wireless communications to radar, optical communications, and measurement systems.

  • GPCs' Polarization Scrambler uses a breakthrough all-fiber technology to effectively randomize polarization states. Depolarizing by polarization scrambling has many important applications.

  • The SLD-101S is a highly stable superluminescent light source designed specifically for OCT, sensor and test & measurement applications.

  • General Photonics phase shifter produces phase shifts up to 15 pi at modulation frequencies from DC to 20 kHz.

  • FerruleProT - Automatic table cleaner for fiber optic connector surfaces

  • The VDL-002 is a miniaturized variable optical delay line designed specifically for OEM applications. With a delay range of up to 250 ps, this device is a superior replacement for the variable RF phase shifters inadequately adapted from the RF/wireless field for fiber optic communications.

  • General Photonics’ motorized variable optical delay line provides low cost, precision optical path length adjustment and delay scanning functionality. This addition to the MDL product line is specifically designed for OEM applications that require continuous scanning capability and a small footprint.

Showing 1 - 12 of 314 items