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Control and Measurement Technology There are 17 products.

Electrical measurement technology includes electronics such as photodiode amplifiers for evaluating optical signals as well as purely electronic measuring devices and controls. This kind of technology ranges from oscilloscopes, to signal generators, through to piezo and stepping motor drivers. Laser 2000 provides highly innovative electrical measurement technology systems that make day-to-day work much easier.

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  • Sidekick® Plus ADSL / VDSL Cable Maintenance Test Set for fault finding an dtrouble shooting on copper infrastructure in telecom applications.

  • Der 40 G Zertifizierervon Viavi (ehemals JDSU) wurde für die Zertifizierung von Enterprise Netzwerken entwickelt. Der 40 G Zertifizierer ist die neue Generation der Kabelzertifizierung für die Klassen D, E, Ea, F, Fa 1 bis 2500 MHz.

  • The 40 G certifier Viavi (formerly JDSU) was developed to certify enterprise networks. The 40G Certifier is the new generation of cable certification for Classes D, E, Ea, F, Fa 1 to 2500 MHz.

  • Viavi's 10G Certifier is designed to certify enterprise networks. It is the new generation of cable certification for classes D, E, Ea, up to 500 MHz.

  • The SmartClass TPS (Triple-Play Services) Tester helps service engineers roll out broadband access networks and services based on a high-performance copper infrastructure that meets triple-play service needs and critical quality of service requirements (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE).

  • The OneExpert DSL helps technicians to fix problems the first time. The user-friendly multitouch user interface and the automatic OneCheck ™ tests simplify the execution of complex tasks with meaningful good / bad result displays.

  • The all-rounder for every laboratory: oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, phase meter, signal generator, lock-in amplifier and data logger and much more in a single, very compact device

  • Le Certificateur de Câbles LAN LAntek II est une référence sur le marché. Capable de réaliser la certification des câbles Cat5, Cat6 et Cat7, ce certificateur est un outil performant, qualifié par de nombreux fabricant de câbles réseaux

  • Testeur de câblage et transmission de données portatif conçu pour tester les performances des câblages cuivre et fibre optique destinés aux applications voix, vidéo, transfert de données et vidéosurveillance sur des réseaux Ethernet 10/100 Mb/s ou Gigabit

  • Les nouveaux testeurs de câblage VDV II vérifient facilement l’intégrité des systèmes de câblages cuivre utilisés dans les installations voix, données ou vidéo

Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items