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  • The PolaStay™ polarization tracker automatically adjusts the state of polarization (SOP) towards a reference SOP, counteracting continuous input SOP variations as fast as 0.9 ms with no resets.

  • PolaWise system from General Photonics

  • GPC's Scrambler module uses a breakthrough all- fiber technology to effectively randomize polarization states. This module is designed to be easily plugged into sensor equipment or measurement instruments with minimal development effort.

  • The ERM-202 is a dual channel polarization extinction ratio (PER) meter specifically designed to simultaneously measure the PER and power ratio of a device with two polarization maintaining (PM) outputs, such as a Y-branch fiber gyro IOC, PM coupler (PMC), or polarization beam splitter (PBS), as well as evaluate the performance (output DOP) of depolarizers.

  • PMDProT is a breakthrough PMD source that can deterministically generate precise 1st order PMD up to 180 ps and 2nd order PMD up to 8100 ps2.

  • The PolaMight (MPC-202) is an advanced Multifunction Polarization Controller specially designed to meet the requirements of coherent receiver performance tests.

  • The multifunction polarization controller MPC-201 has four operating modes for complete control of the polarization.

  • Generating programmable time delay from nanoseconds to milliseconds is important for various applications ranging from data center testing to wireless communications to radar, optical communications, and measurement systems.

  • GPCs' Polarization Scrambler uses a breakthrough all-fiber technology to effectively randomize polarization states. Depolarizing by polarization scrambling has many important applications.

  • OCT and sensor systems require high performance balanced photodetectors to increase system signal to noise ratio. The BPD-002 is specially designed for use in research and development, with ease of use and high performance as the primary design goals.

  • Polarization Dependent Loss Source/Emulator- PDLPro™

  • The POD-101D is a DSP (digital signal processor) powered in-line polarimeter specially designed for high-speed polarization analysis and monitoring.

Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items