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3D Camera for Mikroscopy

Reference: PHV-ZeeCam

3D Camera for Mikroscopy

Product description
3D Camera For Life Sciences Microscopy
Fast AutoFocus
Z Stacking and Fusion Image
Fast & Accurate 3D Acquisition
Multiple Imaging Capabilities

Typical Use:
  • Life Sciences Microscopy: Fast Z-stack, 3D Microscopy;
  • Rapid Screening;
  • Multiple imaging: BF, DF, DIC, Phase.
  • Material Microscopy 3D surface analysis;
  • Roughness & Step Height measurements;
  • Quality control: Z Depth.

Interne elektro-optische Einheit - ZeeScan:
Z-Bereich: 23mm / (Objektiv-Vergrößerung)²
Minimale Z-Schrittweite: 10bit diskrete Schritte über den Z-Bereich
Reaktionszeit: < 5ms

GetPhase (Windows 7 (32 / 64 bit), XP, Vista)

Alternative Software-Lösungen:
Software Development Kit: Image processing functions for 3D acquisition and reconstruction.
Application Programming Interface: C++ interface . support hardware acceleration

More application videos:

Downloads - 3D Camera for Mikroscopy


Data sheet PhaseView_ZeeCam_Life_Sciences_Microscopy_Laser_2000

Download (421.88k)

Data sheet PhaseView_ZeeCam_Material_Microscopy_Laser_2000

Download (469.73k)

Data sheet PhaseView_ZeeScan_Laser_2000

Download (2.41M)

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