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infrared vision device to 1350 nm

Reference: CIS-GER-x-S01

Due to the wavelength range, from 260 nm to 280 nm, in which this light-emitting diode works, it is excellently suited for the disinfection applications of air, water and surfaces.

Product description

B Series Product Specifications

Field of View:



≈ 1:1

Standard Sensitivity:

350 to 1350 nm

Optional Sensitivities:

350 to 1550 nm

Peak Sensitivity:

800 and 350 nm

Focal Range:

100 mm

(4”) to infinity


38 lp/mm

Battery life:

>250 hrs continuous

Power Supply


2500 hours.


16.5 X 5.3 X 19 cm

(6.5" x 2.1” x 7.5")


590 g (21 oz)

Operating Temp:

-32°C to 46°C

(-25°F to 115°F)

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