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06/24/2020 | Photonics France Present First Photonics Online Meetings

With nearly 160 members including several big groups, ETI, VSE/SME, start-ups, research institutes, training organizations and associations, the ecosystem that constitutes Photonics France ensures an undeniable representativeness of the French photonics industry. Photonics France promotes, represents and defends the photonics industry in its relations with the government and the European Commission.

The first Photonics Online Meetings will be held on 2nd July 2020 and are are supposed to ensure this year’s support, development and networking on a European scale between principals and suppliers. Participants may expect high-level conferences and webinars on products and services. Around 150 French and European companies are expected to attend: big groups, technology and service providers, investors, institutions, public and private partners.

free registration is available to attend product/service webinars only.

More information and registration