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OEM Fiberlaser Integration Module View larger

OEM Fiberlaser Integration Module

Reference: SWS-DLR

The SWS diode laser integration modules consist of diode laser, fiber delivery and galvanometer scanning head. The modules are available in 300 W and 500 W laser power.

Product description


OEM Diode Lasers for Integration

Diode lasers consist of a laser diode only, which is usually combined with collimation and focusing optics. These lasers are available with laser powers from a few watts up to the kW range, both as single-transmitter or multi-transmitter diode lasers and are available as single- or multimode lasers. For cooling the diodes are mostly mounted on a heat sink.

Diode lasers are characterized by a very compact design and achieve comparatively high efficiencies of up to 50%. Long maintenance intervals and lifetimes up to 30,000 hours are even convincingly advantages.

Consequently, many applications of high-performance diode lasers use these advantages in medical technology and many applications in the wide field of laser material processing.

The DLS integrations kits are designed for standalone machines, laser replacement and for robot systems. The DLS lasers are the right choice for 24/7 applications because for their high reliability and low operation costs in any operation environment.

Module TypeDLR -300DLR-400
Central wavelength in nm980+/-3980+/-3
Power in W300400
Modulation frequency in kHz1 - 501 - 50
Fiber diameter in µm240
Fiber connectorCollimator or QBHdto.
Fiber length in m5dto.
Pilot Laser Power in mW1dto.
Pilot fiber wavelength in nm630 -680dto.
Environmental conditions10 – 40 °C, 10 – 95% humidity not condensing
Electrical parameters
Voltage in V240 VAC, one phase plus (N)dto.
Frequency in Hz50dto.
Power consumption in W1.000 … 1400dto.
Efficiency in %about 45dto.
Mechanical parameters
Width, length, height in mm585 x 484 x 178dto.
Rack definition19" /4 HUdto.

Scanner control and software

Option 1   -     DL-20-EP-SCLaser- und Scanner Control internally in 19“ rack 4HU via Scaps USC1/USC2SAM Light
Option 2   -     SCR-300-SCLaser- und Scanner Control separatelly in 19“ rack 2HU via Scaps USC1/USC2SAM Light
Option 3   -     SCR-300-SLLaser- und Scanner Control separatelly in 19“ rack 2HU via Scanlab RTC5Laserdesk
Option 4   -     SCR-300-RLLaser- und Scanner Control separatelly in 19“ rack 2HU via Raylase SPICE ProWeldmark

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