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OEM Fiberlaser Integration Module

Reference: SWS-CLP

The SWS CO2 laser integration modules consist of CO2 laser source and galvanometer scanning head. For a wide range of applications the modules are available from 20 W to 400 W.

Product description

OEM CO2 lasers for Integration

CO2 lasers are gas lasers and emit in the infrared. Their laser medium is carbon dioxide. In addition to solid-state lasers, the CO2 laser is one of the most powerful and most frequently used lasers. Outputs of up to 80 kW and pulse energies up to 100 kJ can be achieved. A CO2 laser produces an IR beam with a wavelength in the bands of 9.4 and 10.6 μm. CO2 lasers are relatively efficient and cost-effective, which is why they are mainly used in industrial material processing. The efficiency is about 15 to 20%

The CLP integrations kits are designed for standalone machines, laser replacement and for robot systems. The CPL lasers are the right choice for 24/7 applications because for their high reliability and low operation costs in any operation environment.

Module TypeCLS-30CLS-30CLS-100CLS-200CLS-400CLS-150-PCLS-250-P
Central wavelength10.600 nm
Power in W2030100200400150 (600)250 (800)
M² Beamquality< 1,2
available puls duration240252383725
Pilot laseroptional
Electrical parameter230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, power consumption 500 W - 6.800 W
Dimensions width, length, height [mm]1.050 x 160 x 1701.050 x 160 x 1701.050 x 160 x 1701.750 x 330 x 2501.750 x 330 x 3601.050 x 160 x 1701.050 x 160 x 170

Scanner control and software

GalvoscannerScancube 14 with f = 200 mm, Marking field 130 mm x 130 mm
Option 1   -     CLS-xx-SCLaser- und Scanner Control internally in 19“ rack 4HU via Scaps USC1/USC2SAM Light
Option 2   -     SCR-300-SCLaser- und Scanner Control separatelly in 19“ rack 2HU via Scaps USC1/USC2SAM Light
Option 3   -     SCR-300-SLLaser- und Scanner Control separatelly in 19“ rack 2HU via Scanlab RTC5Laserdesk
Option 4   -     SCR-300-RLLaser- und Scanner Control separatelly in 19“ rack 2HU via Raylase SPICE ProWeldmark

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