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IR-/UV-Sensor cards

Reference: QTX Sensor cards

UV and IR sensor cards (also called transducer cards) are indispensable tools in every optical laboratory. They are ideal for adjusting and visualizing invisible laser radiation.

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Product description

UV and IR sensor cards for every optical laboratory

UV and especially IR sensor cards or converter cards are indispensable aids in every optical laboratory. They are ideal for adjusting and visualizing invisible laser radiation. Even low laser powers of a few μW can be displayed with the help of the cards.

The IR sensor cards Q-11, Q-32 and Q-42 emit orange. On the other hand, the Q-16 card emits blue / green, but otherwise has the same characteristics as the Q-11 card. The spectral sensitivities of the maps are shown in the diagram. To activate the cards, only minimally incident radiation is needed. All cards are available in the versions -R (reflective) and -T (translucent) and have the standard dimensions of approx. 5 cm x 5 cm. Other sizes are available on request within one to two weeks. For better adjustment, the cards are also available with crosshairs. Two versions are available: with concentric circles (-CC) or with x-y axis markings (-AP).

principle of operation:

The IR cards described above all work according to the principle of electron capture. For this reason, charging the cards by the ambient light is necessary. Brand new for Nd: YAG laser is the L-IR card, which is based on 2-photon absorptions and for that reason too

works in complete darkness without prior charging. All standard versions (R, T, CC, AP, etc.) are possible. Also without charging, the doped ceramic card FNK-IRC-1064-L enables the visualization of laser radiation at 1064 nm for power densities from 70 W / cm² to 2700 W / cm².

Sensor cards for higher laser powers:

For higher laser powers, high-temperature cards are available whose sensitive surfaces consist of temperature-resistant ceramics. Special sensor cards for Nd: YAG or CO2 lasers as well as printed cards and adhesive films complete the product range.

UV sensor card:

For the UV range the card U-21 is suitable. It is available in the versions -T and -R.

Other variants:

  • Rods with an active area of ​​about 2 cm x 2 cm
  • Coated glass sheets with a diameter of 27 mm (-IRSCR-27)
  • Self-adhesive foils (-ADQ) with the respective phosphor (Q-11, Q-16, Q-32 or Q-42)
  • Higher laser powers

Available versions of all cards:

 -R =reflective

-T = translucent

-CC = concentric circles

-AP = x-y axis labels

Product Overview sensor Cards:

Product number

Item Description

Area (nm)


Min. Power (µW/cm2) for darkened/daylight

Active area (mm2)


IR-Standard Card

700 - 1400


12 / 500

51 * 51


IR-Standard Card

700 - 1400

blue - green

10 / 500

51 * 51


IR-Standard Card

800 - 1700


8 / 500

51 * 51


IR-Standard Card

700 - 1600


3 / 100

51 * 51


High temp. to 300

700 - 1600


< 30 / < 500

ø 51



900 - 1100


8 W/cm2

51 * 51


UV-Sensor card

200 - 500

51 * 51



Depending on the phosphor as above

19 * 19


With crosshair

Depending on the phosphor as above

51 * 51


Coated glass

Depending on the phosphor as above

ø 27


IR-Adhesive film

Depending on the phosphor as above

19 * 19


IR-Adhesive film

Depending on the phosphor as above

51 * 51


IR-Adhesive film

Depending on the phosphor as above

102 * 102


IR-Adhesive film

Depending on the phosphor as above

203 * 254

Downloads - IR-/UV-Sensor cards

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