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Systèmes Laser complets

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Systèmes Laser complets

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Product description

New Generation Machine Vision Laser!

Advantages and features of our new generation of laser systems. All older LAS-Laser can be replaced 1:1
  • customer friendly due to lower laser safety classes at higher power levels
  • external focusing, Off-Axis balancing
  • perfect optics with up to 0.03 % line straightness and +/-1 % uniformity along the line
  • analog and digital modulation, 5-30 VDC auto scale input power, power supplies
  • Line width of several centimeter and down to 5 micrometer
  • Cosine correction for higher accuracy and less reflexions
  • Robust and stabile, extended life time
  • Bandpass filter and mounting brackets
  • 20 years "Made in Canada", flexible company, short delivery times

In this table you will find a list of laser diode modules for professional machine vision. Through a click on the product you will find details about it.

CompactLineMini Line Laser with ø 10 mm, length 50 mm
StreamLine The standard laser with 19 mm diameter, length 88 mm. The "Original"
ILSThe high-power package for machine vision
TMSLMicro Focus Laser with uniform and telecentric lines

Available Laser - Wavelength and optical power

Available CompactLine Laser
CompactLine Laser CodeWavelengthPower
L2S-CL-635-1-T635 nm1 mW
L2S-CL-635-5-T635 nm5 mW
L2S-CL-635-10-T635 nm10 mW
L2S-CL-635-15-T635 nm15 mW
L2S-CL-635-35-T635 nm35 mW
L2S-CL-640-45-S640 nm45 mW
L2S-CL-640-90-S640 nm90 mW
L2S-CL-660-1-T660 nm1 mW
L2S-CL-660-5-T660 nm5 mW
L2S-CL-660-10-T660 nm10 mW
L2S-CL-660-20-T660 nm20 mW
L2S-CL-660-35-T660 nm35 mW
L2S-CL-660-50-T660 nm50 mW
L2S-CL-660-100-T660 nm100 mW
L2S-CL-690-20-T690 nm20 mW
L2S-CL-690-35-T690 nm35 mW
L2S-CL-690-50-T690 nm50 mW
L2S-CL-785-20-T785 nm20 mW
L2S-CL-785-35-T785 nm35 mW
L2S-CL-785-75-T785 nm75 mW
L2S-CL-785-100-T785 nm100 mW
L2S-CL-830-50-T830 nm50 mW
L2S-CL-830-100-T830 nm100 mW
L2S-CL-850-30-T850 nm30 mW

Available StreamLine Laser
StreamLine Laser CodeWavelengthPower
L2S-SL-405-20-S405 nm20 mW
L2S-SL-405-35-S405 nm35 mW
L2S-SL-440-50-S440 nm50 mW
L2S-SL-515-50-S515 nm50 mW
L2S-SL-635-1-S635 nm1 mW
L2S-SL-635-5-S635 nm5 mW
L2S-SL-635-10-S635 nm10 mW
L2S-SL-635-15-S635 nm15 mW
L2S-SL-635-35-S635 nm35 mW
L2S-SL-635-150-S635 nm150 mW
L2S-SL-640-45-S640 nm45 mW
L2S-SL-640-90-S640 nm90 mW
L2S-SL-660-1-S660 nm1 mW
L2S-SL-660-5-S660 nm5 mW
L2S-SL-660-10-S660 nm10 mW
L2S-SL-660-20-S660 nm20 mW
L2S-SL-660-35-S660 nm35 mW
L2S-SL-660-50-S660 nm50 mW
L2S-SL-660-100-S660 nm100 mW
L2S-SL-660-130-S660 nm130 mW
L2S-SL-690-20-S690 nm20 mW
L2S-SL-690-35-S690 nm35 mW
L2S-SL-690-50-S690 nm50 mW
L2S-SL-785-20-S785 nm20 mW
L2S-SL-785-35-S785 nm35 mW
L2S-SL-785-75-S785 nm75 mW
L2S-SL-785-100-S785 nm100 mW
L2S-SL-785-150-S785 nm150 mW
L2S-SL-810-100-S810 nm100 mW
L2S-SL-810-200-S810 nm200 mW
L2S-SL-830-50-S830 nm50 mW
L2S-SL-830-100-S830 nm100 mW
L2S-SL-830-150-S830 nm150 mW
L2S-SL-830-200-S830 nm200 mW
L2S-SL-905-200-S905 nm200 mW

Available ILS-Laser
ILS Laser CodeWavelengthPower
L2S-ILS-375-20-S375 nm20 mW
L2S-ILS-375-200-S-A375 nm200 mW
L2S-ILS-405-60-S-A405 nm60 mW
L2S-ILS-405-100-S-A405 nm100 mW
L2S-ILS-405-200-S-A405 nm200 mW
L2S-ILS-405-600-S-A405 nm600 mW
L2S-ILS-440-50-S-A440 nm50 mW
L2S-ILS-440-1000-S-A440 nm1.000 mW
L2S-ILS-440-1500-S-A440 nm1.500 mW
L2S-ILS-488-60-S-A488 nm60 mW
L2S-ILS-515-50-S-A515 nm50 mW
L2S-ILS-635-150-S-A635 nm150 mW
L2S-ILS-642-250-S-A642 nm250 mW
L2S-ILS-670-500-S-A670 nm500 mW
L2S-ILS-670-1000-S-A670 nm1.000 mW
L2S-ILS-670-1500-S-A670 nm1.500 mW
L2S-ILS-810-500-S810 nm500 mW
L2S ILS-810-1000-S810 nm1.000 mW
L2S-ILS-810-2000-S810 nm2.000 mW
L2S-ILS-810-3000-S810 nm3.000 mW
L2S-ILS-905-1000-S905 nm1.000 mW

In case you do not find your required laser system, please feel free to contact us!

  • Line Laser
  • Laser Measurements 2D / 3D
  • Machine Vision
  • Measurement and detection of structures, geometrics, edges, holes, groves, scratches, etc.
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