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Lawful Interception Management S

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Product description
Glimmerglass- Optical Switch Matrix for diverse applications

Reliably create, change, monitor and manage single-mode fiber connections remotely, within seconds. Just take our Glimmerglass fiber-optic switch - better described as a fiber connection server - out the box, plug it in and go.

For full specifications, download our datasheet: Fiber connection server.

Whatever size you need
Choose your starting size and configuration. When you need more ports, we'll activate additional ones. You only pay for the ports you use and have a choice of:

  • Three basic models, covering 24x24 ports (2RU) to 190x190 (8RU). Symmetrical (NxN) or asymmetrical (NxM) configurations (eg, 32x32 available in any input/output combination: 32x32, 63x1, 2x62, etc)..
  • A built-in fiber patch panel
  • In-field upgrades in 8x8 increments
  • A custom solution if the standard models won't do

Setup in minutes
Just plug in and go: It's shipped with the fiber connectors (LC, SC, FC, MU, etc) of your choice.

Its ClickFlowT graphical user interface (GUI) requires just one Ethernet connection and your favorite browser.

Computer-controlled, transparent, non-blocking fiber switching
The fiber connection server is compatible with any data protocol and transmission speed, redirecting individual optical inputs and doing so:
  • Reliably: using highly reliable microphotonics technology.
  • Transparently: without signal regeneration or 'touching' the data it connects in any way.
  • Automatically: program it to monitor and protect fiber connections around-the-clock.
  • Remotely: control all connections and get up-to-the-second statuses from anywhere.
  • Without blocking: connecting any available input to any available output regardless of the state of any other I/O pair.

Distance is no barrier

There are two user interfaces, each enabling remote control of the server: Its ClickFlow GUI is accessible from any computer with a browser and an Internet connection.

Its command-line interface enables direct switch control in any programming language.

Powerful and easy to use

Whatever you're using it for, you can: View and print reports of what's connected where, for how long and the optical power on each connection.

Point and click to create, save or restore fiber topologies for instant reconfiguration.

Advanced capabilities

The Glimmerglass fiber connection server is much more than an optical switch. It supports: Network monitoring and automatic link restoration: define alternate connections to establish a backup path to use when the server detects a physical-layer disruption to its primary path.

One-to-many Photonic Multicasting: replication of a single optical transmission to multiple receivers.

Reliability above all else

The Glimmerglass fiber connection server is much more than an optical switch. It supports: Switching is fast (25ms) and accurate with very low insertion loss (2dB ± 1dB).
  • Power is redundant and hot-swappable.
  • Operation is consistent from -5C to 50C ambient temperature.

Find out more about:

The Glimmerglass fiber connection server is much more than an optical switch. It supports: The technology behind the fiber connection server.
Typical applications for the server.

Our customer support program
our customers and what they think about us Laser 2000 GmbH and Glimmerglass as a company.


The Glimmerglass fiber connection server uses tried-and-tested BrillianceT microphotonics technology to create a small, reliable, highly accurate solution that has transformed the way fiber connections are managed.

BrillianceT connection and controls
Our proprietary BrillianceT technology uses an intelligent micro-mirror control system to align micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) mirrors and lenses to direct light across free space from input to output.

Want to know more?

Download our white paper: The Brilliance behind transparent connectivity.

It's simple and it works
Light is directed from input to output by flat mirrors, approximately 1mm in diameter that can be tipped up to two orthogonal axes by generation of an electrostatic force.
The controls that generate the force use a closed-loop feedback system on every connection to monitor and correct alignment, ensuring reliable, accurate switching. We call that Connection SentryT and it's only available from Glimmerglass. Our customers will testify to its reliability.

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