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Compact Optical Test Platform

Reference: VIA-MAP 220C

The compact optical test platform MAP-220C from Viavi (formerly JDSU) significantly reduces the required parking space and the costs for new optical transponder and subsystem test stations within the scope of any 100 and 400 G expansion.

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Product description

Compact optical test platform MAP-220C and LightDirect family

Refurbishment of optical manufacturer testing facilities, development laboratories and universities for the current bandwidth explosion

As part of their commitment to improve optical devices, modules and subsystems to increase the efficiency of manufacturers and development labs, Viavi has developed a new, compact optical platform and the LightDirect family.

Viavi's compact optical test platform (formerly JDSU), the compact 2-slot chassis, significantly reduces the required parking space and costs for new optical transponder and subsystem test stations within the scope of any 100 and 400 G expansion.

The compact optical test platform supports the mOSW Switch family as well as a large selection of other optical modules.

MAP LightDirect family incorporating the main test modules, the compact optical platform measures and manages test signals in an automated environment.

New modules of the compact optical test platform

Optical switches:

The mOSW-C1 is a leader in the field of insertion loss and repeatability in the industry. With over 80 variations, there is the right solution for every application from 1 x 2, 2 x 2 and 1 x 4 to 1 x 64 with optional internal power measurement, direction detection and damping capability.


The mVOA variable attenuator family has been a leader in industrial specifications for more than 20 years. Available as a 1, 2 or 4 channel attenuator per module, with or without power measurement capability, the mVOA-C1 is the most compact solution on the market.

Power Meter:

The optical power meters mOPM-C1 are available for all applications with 1, 2 or 4 inputs in four different classes. The modules support up to +27 dBm input power with a dynamic range of up to 110 dB.


The 50 GHz Tunable DFB Laser mTLG-C1 is available for the C and L band, while the mSRC-C1 covers the standard telecom wavelengths 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625 nm.

Important advantages of the compact optical test platform

The compact optical test platform reduces space requirements by up to a quarter for signal conditioning for tests on transponders and active components as well as switch manufacturers, which also reduces the cost of additional footprint, freight and maintenance.

The chassis cost is reduced by 40% from the compact optical test platform. This facilitates the retrofitting of existing test systems, allowing verification of the more complex components and subsystems.

The compact optical test platform increases optical performance and repeatability by reducing the inherent error of the test setup, improving throughput, and ensuring reliable test results.

Application of the compact optical test platform

As more and more demands are placed on new optical components and subsystems, the measurement technology must also keep up. The ability to measure effectively and accurately while continuing to reduce overall costs requires innovative approaches. The lab and vendor platform solution offers this challenging combination of increased throughput, smaller footprint, and greater test flexibility to equip for testing on Sub 10 G up to 400 G system components. A conversion of the existing test solution already offers you a clear competitive advantage today and above all in the near future.

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