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OTDR measurement module from Viavi

Reference: VIA-MTS2/4-DWDM-OTDR

The OTDR measurement module from Viavi for the expansion of the modular MTS-2000 and MTS-4000 measurement platforms.

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Product description

Viavi's DWDM OTDR solution enables network operators, dark fiber providers, and telecommunications service providers to test through multiplexers, demultiplexers, and ROADMs, as well as complete end-to-end characterization and fault diagnostics of active DWDM systems. Networks.


  • The most compact OTDR solution for DWDM networks on the market: C-band, 1528 - 1563 nm, C17-C62
  • Perfect for end-to-end path characterization during network installation / installation.
  • Ideal for testing new DWDM links and for accurately locating the faults without disturbing the traffic on the active channels.
  • Integrated tunable constant light source


  • Characterization of end-to-end distances with exact DWDM wavelengths.
  • Fault diagnosis on active networks by means of in-service measurements.
  • Control of the fiber passage and the wavelength-specific total attenuation with tunable CW light source

DWDM technology has been established in long-distance transmission for decades. With the ever-growing demand for broadband through more data-hungry services, this technology is increasingly moving into the access area. CATV and mobile operators are increasingly deploying their fiber-optic network with DWDM technology to connect headend and antenna systems over single DWDM wavelengths. The technicians therefore need to be able to measure and commission new paths in the network or carry out troubleshooting and localization in-operation.

The new OTDR measurement module for the MTS-2000/4000/5800 platforms is the way to offer the technicians innovative and new possibilities.

Downloads - OTDR measurement module from Viavi

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