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LWL-Polishing machine

Reference: SEI-SFP550x

Robust and patented SFP550 fiber optic polishing machine from Seikoh Giken up to 48 high-volume connectors

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Product description

Fiber optic connector polishing machine up to 48 plugs from Seikoh

The reliable, robust and patented precision polishing machine SFP550 from Seikoh Giken for the polishing of up to 48 fiber optic FO connectors (without plug holder, with standard accessories) is ideal for the production of large quantities.

The virtually maintenance-free fiber-optic polishing machine ensures excellent product quality with highest productivity. The recommended polishing processes meet the highest standards of national and international standards. With the fiber optic polishing machine SFP-550 it is possible to polish almost all types of plugs at 8 ° angle (APC) or in super straight cut quality (HPC). The typical insertion loss is only 0.2 dB.

Features of the Fiber Optic Polisher SFP-550

  • Polish up to 48 plugs or 40 ferrules
  • APC polishing at typically -70 dB return reflection
  • HPC polishing at typically -60 dB return reflection or less
  • PC polish at typically -45 dB return reflection or less
  • LWL polishing machine suitable for polishing large quantities

Available versions of the LWL polishing machine:

  • Type C with manual process settings
  • Type E3 4 timers adjustable via touch panel, 12 processes programmable with 8 steps
  • Type S3 processes via touch panel digitally programmable (start speed, acceleration)
  • Type S3C as S3 with touch panel colored

New features of the patented polishing machine for fiber optic connectors:

  • Simplified maintenance
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Better protection of the polishing machine against water ingress
  • Higher turning speed, faster polishing times


  • SFP550x-polisher
  • cable retention-system
  • power adapter country-specific


  • Holder for plug
    • Flat Flange connector: 18x SMA905
    • PC-Plug: 20x/24x FC, 20x/24x/32x SC, 20/24x ST, 20x/24x und 40x 2,5mm-Ferrules,
    • 24x/40x/48x LC, 24/40x MU, 16x/40x 1,25mm-Ferrulen
    • APC-Plug: 18x FC(c/s mit n/w-key), 18x/32x SC(c/s), 18/40x 2,5mm-Ferrules(c/s mit n/w-key),
    • 20x/40x/48x LC, 20x MU
    • E2000-Plug: 18x/40x PC(HS/RM), 18x/40x APC(HS/RM) 24x PC/APC(RM)
    • MT/MP-Plug (zus. Anpressdruck-Modul notwendig): 12x MTRJ, 12x/24x MT/PC, 12x MT/APC
  • Holder for other plugs z.B. Glenair, DIN(LSA), … on demand
other recommended accessories:
  • Crushing and scratching tool (Cleave- und Scribetools)
  • Heating oven for curing the adhesive
  • Polishing Liquid (Suspension)
  • Polishing foils depending on connector type

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