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Spark Lasers DIADEM - Femtosecond Laser for Micro Material Processing and Optogenetics

Reference: SPK-Diadem

The DIADEM lasers are very compact, high-energy, ultrafast lasers for demanding applications in micro material processing and optogenetics.

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Product description

DIADEM produces high energy with femtosecond pulses, in a compact and robust format. Offering one of the World’s lowest cost of ownership, high precision and ease of integration, DIADEM is ideally suited for industrial applications such as very accurate & qualitative micron-scaled features drilling/cutting used in a wide variety of industrial market segments. It also suits perfect for optogenetic applications.

The average powers from 10 W to 30 W are available as standard. Higher average powers are available on request. It maintains a maximum puls energy off 30 µJ (optional 40 µJ).







1030 nm or 1060 nm

Spectral linewidth

< 10 nm

Pulse duration

< 300 fs

Repetition rate

Single pulse to 2 MHz (with burst mode) - 10 MHz optional

< 1.2

Beam waist


2 mm

Beam divergence

< 1 mrad

Beam pointing

< 25 µrad/°C


> 0.85


< 15 min

Power stability

< 2% RMS

Pulse stability

< 2% RMS


Linear, > 100:1


External Interfaces

High speed external synchronization (Sync.Out/ In), communication through USB, RS232,TCP/IP

Software interfaces

Intuitive GUI, serial communication protocol

Laser head

dimensions(mm3)- Weight


531 x 342 x 143 mm – 17 kg

Laser controller


19”/3U rack - 7.5 kg

Standard cable


3 m

Power consumption

100 to 240 VAC

< 400 W


Air cooled



Possibility to convert in the harmonics and electronically switch thanks to an

external module (IR/GR or IR/GR/UV)

Tunable pulse duration from < 300 fs up to 10 ps

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

**Other wavelengths and higher power available upon request

Laser 2000 GmbH is the exclusive distributor of Spark Lasers in Germany, Austria, Nordics and Iberia.

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