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Spark Lasers ALCOR 920/1064 with 5 W - Femtosecond Laser for Biophotonic

Reference: SPK-Alcor-920/1064-4W/5W

The ALCOR 4 Watt femtosecond fiberlaser produces high average power with ultrashort femtosecond pulses at 920 nm or 1064 nm.

Alexandre Besson
Managing Director
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Product description
With the ALCOR-4W, Spark Lasers offers the femtosecond fiber laser with the highest average power at 920 nm or 1064 nm. For 1064 nm even 5 W are reached.  The compact design also allows easy integration. With the optional AOM, the laser can be easily modulated, making it ideal for multiphoton microscopy.


Main Specification



High repetition rate: 80 MHzCompact, robust & Air cooledTwo-photon microscopy
High power: 4 W or 5 WPlug and playNeuroscience
Short pulses: <120 fsIntuitive user interface




ALCOR XSight with AOM

PolarisationLinear, >100:1
Power Stability & RMS Noise< 1% RMS <1%
Power OutputFree Space
Warm-Up Time<5 min
Power AdjustmentAlignemnt mode or Full power0 - 100 %
Modulation N/ATTL & Analog
Output Beam Diameter1 mm
< 1,3
Repetitionrate80 MHz (Other Optional)
Pulse Duration< 120 fs (with standard GDD precompensation from 0 down to -30.000 fs²)
Average Power4 W @ 920 nm & 1064 nm
5W @ 1064 nm
3 W @ 920nm & 1064 nm
4.2 W @ 1064 nm
Wavelength920 nm or 1064 nm

Electrical Features

External InterfacesSync. Out, USB, RS 232, TCP/IP
Software InterfacesIntuitive GUI, Serial Communication Protocol
Power Consumption100 - 240 VAC, < 150 W

An article about the use of the ALCOR 4 Watt 920 nm in two-photon-microscopy can be found in the LaserFocusWorld

Downloads - Spark Lasers ALCOR 920/1064 with 5 W - Femtosecond Laser for Biophotonic

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