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Cameras Intelligentes CMOS

Reference: PHF-camera-intelligente

Plateformes de mesure haute performance 1.2GHz

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Product description

The smart camera series SM2-D1312(IE)-TI6455 is based on the Photonfocus A1312 and A1312IE CMOS image sensors with LinLog® technology. A 1.2GHz DSP (C6455) from Texas Instruments is implemented. These Photonfocus CMOS sensors with a full well capacity (FWC) of 90 ke- are optimized for high dynamic range applications and a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).


The smart cameras series SM2-D2048-TI6455 and SM2-L2048-TI6455  are based on the CMOSIS CMV4000  and CMV2000 CMOS image sensors. A High performance 1.2GHz DSP (C6455) from Texas Instruments is implemented. The CMOSIS CMOS image sensors are optimized for low light conditions and is available as standard monochrome version.


This camera focus on demanding applications in industrial image processing where an embedded system is an alternative to PC system approaches. The camera with LinLog® sensor technology offers an extraordinary wide dynamic range and a high framerate combined with high resolution. Due to the global shutter of the sensor, even high-speed applications with exposure times in the µs-area are possible. The implemented high performance DSP TMS320C6455 from Texas Instruments (TI) enables leading edge applications with this embedded system. 



Optical Format 





 Photonfocus, A1312


 1312 x 1082




CMOSIS, CMV20001"2048 x 108827300GigE




2048 x 2048 



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