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Composants passifs Il y a 20 produits.

Les composants réseau passifs sont des composants réseau qui fonctionnent généralement sans alimentation. Outre les coupleurs / diviseurs, les séparateurs sélectifs en longueur d'onde (WDM, CWDM et DWDM), les circulateurs / isolateurs, les commutateurs optiques sont des composants passifs. Ils sont proposés pour les applications monomodes (SM) et multimodes (MM) et représentent une étape importante vers un réseau puissant et sans erreur.

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  • This patented device comes in a package as small as 85 × 60 × 10 mm for lasers with coherence lengths less than 10 meters. Devices for coherence lengths in the kilometer range can be custom made in a larger package, with nominal customization fees.

  • PMD and PDL are important considerations in many applications, especially high data-rate communications. With the development of high precision test equipment and tighter-tolerance systems, a need has arisen for extremely precise calibration standards.

  • GPCs’ fixed differential group delay lines eliminate the need for precise measurement of PM fiber lengths to add defined amounts of first order PMD to a system.

  • Using specially designed computerized machinery and a proprietary manufacturing process, General Photonics can produce extremely compact time delay coils to fit your budget and space requirements.

  • A suite of advanced polarization test instruments specially designed for testing the quality of fiber coils ensures the consistent production of high performance coils. GPCs' PM coils can be wound with different winding patterns such as quadrupole, octupole, or other types to minimize the Shupe effect, which degrades the performance of a fiber gyro under...

  • These connectorized couplers are free of fiber pigtails and ready to be inserted in optical systems without the headaches of tinkering with fragile and messy fiber pigtails.

  • The polarization maintaining filter coupler can either split the light from an input PM fiber between 2 output PM fibers, or can combine light signals from 2 PM input fibers into a single PM output fiber.

  • This device can be used either as a polarization beam combiner to combine light beams from two PM input fibers into a single output fiber, or as a polarization beamsplitter to split light from an input fiber into two output fibers of orthogonal polarization states.

  • The Faraday rotator mirror is a fiber optic polarization rotation mirror designed for fiber optic networks and measurement applications. The state of polarization (SOP) of the reflected light is rotated 90 degrees from that of the input light.

  • These isolators are the smallest in size but the highest in quality in the market. They are ruggedly built to function reliably in a wide variety of environments.

  • Le SigmaLinks 2000 est un système flexible et rentable de transport optique de multiplexage, de-multiplexage et de commutation de données haut-débit pour les applications de stockage, vidéo et voix.

Résultats 1 - 12 sur 20.