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Laser 2000 - Passion for Photonics

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Depuis plus de 30 ans, Laser 2000, en collaboration avec les plus grands fabricants du secteur, vous propose la solution la mieux adaptée à votre domaine d‘application spécifique. Plus qu‘une passion, la photonique est notre métier. Nous sommes professionnels en technologies optiques et restons toujours dans l‘air du temps concernant les technologies et produits les plus récents de même que les dernières possibilités d‘application.
Our employees have already successfully advised more than 14,000 customers and sell products and solutions in 60 countries around the world.
Laser 2000 is your expert in Europe for components and systems for Photonics, FiberOptics & Networks and Laser Systems & Solutions. 
We provide „customer-specific solutions from a single source” for sophisticated applications, e.g. laser safety and protectionas laser safety goggles, laser safety canbines or interlock control systems and high precision components and modules for laser production, or in the area of microscopy & spectroscopy
Our employees’ in-depth experience insures expert consulting in the area of material processing with short laser pulses and meets the highest demands for high-end lighting and cameras for image processing.
We supply not only standard components such as motors and motion systems for positioning optical tools and work pieces, but also high-end systems. These provide the highest precision in material processing and quality inspection with lasers or optical systems. Selected drive, bearing and control technologies provide you with the optimum positioning unit for your machines, from nanometer to coarse applications.
We are your competent partner for the design, planning, setup and operation of fiber optic networks. Our products include a wide range of tools, measuring equipment and cleaning materials for processing and handling. 
Fiber optic cables are increasingly relevant for applications in sensor and medical technology, as well as in engineering and photonics. For example they are used as probes in medicine as well as beam generation and guidance for laser marking and material processing. 
The Laser 2000 Academy supports you with comprehensive training programs in the areas of optical simulation, optical measuring techniques, fiber optics and network technology and laser protection. In addition to our basic and special trainings, we also offer the option of individual seminars at your site.
Our passion for the fascinating world of photonics is the basis of our thinking and actions. It is also our basis for insuring best customer satisfaction as a leading player on the European market for optical technologies in the photonics century.    
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