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Laser Safety Software


The Laser Safety Software LaserSafe PC is an up to date laser safety standards a comprehensive and versatile program that covers many laser and LED situations.

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Product description

Laser Safety Software (Version 5.2) - Fast and Accurate Laser Safety Calculations

The LaserSafe PC Version 5.2 is adapted to the latest laser safety standards IEC / EN 60825-1 and the latest laser safety goggles specifications.

Fast and accurate calculation of all parameters for laser safety using LaserSafePC Version 5.2 - the calculation software for laser safety at the workplace.

This program package is ideally suited for laser safety officers or other persons who carry out regular risk assessments on lasers or LEDs. You can request a demo version free of charge via our website.

According to the latest standards

  • IEC / EN 60825-1
  • IEC / EN 60825-2
  • EN 207
  • EN 208

The Laser Safety Software Calcualtes in Seconds:

  • Accessible emission MPEs for Eye and Skin
  • AELs
  • NOHD
  • Excess above MPE
  • Excess above Cl AEL
  • EN 207 LB numbers
  • Optical density requirements for filters
  • Irradiance & Radiant exposure
  • T1, T2, C1 - C7 values displayed
  • Eye, skin & classification apertures displayed

The Laser Safety Software Covers the following values:

  • All wavelengths 180 nm - 1 mm
  • All times from 1 fs to 30000 s
  • CW emission
  • Single pulse
  • Repetitive pulsing: Fibre optics, LEDs, MPE and AEL tables
  • Scanning lasers (visible)
  • Point Source
  • Extended Source
  • Diffuse reflection

Minimum System Requirements for the >Laser Safety Software

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • VGA or SVGA monitor

Including free updates for a period of 12 months.

For a fully functional free demo version, please send us an e-mail. We will send you a demo license immediately.

Downloads - Laser Safety Software

Logiciel LaserSafe PC

Fiche technique, caractéristiques

Download (567.05k)
Catalogue Sécurité Laser

Gamme complète, référence, illustration

Download (4.59M)

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