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Optical level meter

Reference: VIA-OP-1

The optical level meter is an intuitive and versatile device to measure and document the optical level.

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Product description

Viavi PowerChek Optical Level Meter (formerly JDSU)

An intuitive and versatile device for every technicians daily job.

Using the Optical Level Meter

Viavi has launched a new and innovative optical level meter called PowerChek. With unprecedented simplicity, it is now possible to measure and document the optical level. The PowerChek can be connected directly for level measurement without using a patch cable. By means of an adapter system, the PowerChek can be connected directly to the socket or an active component, without the risk of contaminating or even damaging the plug end surface.

Optical transmission systems are constantly growing. A documentation of the measurement results during the installation becomes more and more important and especially in the area of ​​the new mobile radio technologies these are installed by technicians who have very little experience with the fiber optic technology. Especially here, the use of the new PowerChek is helpful to perform the tasks quickly, easily and correctly.

Key Benefits of the Optical Level Meter

  • Eliminates the hassle of using patch cords through the PowerChek adapter system
  • Allows safe measurement without the risk of damaging the fiber
  • Enables easy connection to the test port with the compact, movable and adjustable arm
  • Bluetooth® technology connects to Viavis smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other devices.

Equip the optical level meter

The optical level meter has a built-in bright touch screen and results memory. Using Bluetooth, the device connects to all compatible devices, giving technicians the ability to generate reports and send measurement results via e-mail, all from the palm of their hand.

Application areas of the optical level meter

From simple conversions, extensions, and troubleshooting of existing networks to the construction of new projects. The PowerChek revolutionizes, extends and simplifies the previous optical level measurement in field use.

For more information about the Optical Level Meter,, download the datasheet found under Downloads.

Downloads - Optical level meter

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