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Product Overview Enterprise and Datacenters

Reference: VIA-Linecard Datacenter

The Viavi OLTS-85 / 85P is an efficient and easy-to-use Optical Attenuator for Tier 1 fiber certification. The documentation of the fiber end face inspection as well as the fiber certification on the device optimize the work processes.

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Product description

Data centers pose a challenge for both installers and businesses. A variety of different technologies, both in the cabling (copper, fiber), in the patch panel (connectors and couplers in simplex, duplex, MPO / MTP versions) and of course the transmitted bandwidths (10Mbit / s - 400Gbit / s) and protocols (Ethernet , FiberChannel, OTN, xWDM) come together here in the smallest of spaces.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio to best support the work of installers and data center managers. Please find here a small overview of:

  • Certification of copper cables
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 certification of fiberglass
  • Inspection tools for visual inspection of fiber end surfaces
  • Tools for troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Measurement solutions for activating and maintaining Ethernet services

Linecard Datacenter

Make cash with your old copper or fiber certifier

Trade-In-Angebot 2017

Trade-In Offer, valid until 28.2.2018!

Your old copper or fiber certifiers are still worth the money!

When you buy a new copper or fiber certifier, you'll be refunded for submitting your old device.

The following devices are offered in Trade-In: 

New Device


Part number

Cash Back

when buying

until 15.12.17

Cash Back

when buying

until 28.02.18

Level A

10G Certifier-500 MHz


1.000 €

850 €

Level B

40G Certifier-2500 MHz


1.400 €

1.250 €

MTS-2000 Mini OTDR with Quad-Modul


Single Mode Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit


Multi Mode Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit


Quad Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit (MM+SM)


Quad Tier 1 Optical Loss Test Kit (MM+SM)


Level C

40G Certifier Tier 1 Kit


1.900 €

1.750 €






*CAT5 oder besser
*Optical Loss Test Set








For more information please contact us!

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