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FEMTO3D Atlas Multiphoton microscope

Reference: FEM-FEMTO3DAtlas

The FEMTO3D Atlas enables its users to scan cells and neuronal, dendritic, or other biological processes in 3D, up to a million times faster than classical scanning methods, at a preserved two-photon resolution.

Product description
Atlas combines an blend of high-tech science, engineering, refinement in 3D measurements.

The Innovation Award winner FEMTO3D Atlas offers an All-in-One two-photon system for research scientists working in neuroscience and many other life science fields: it incorporates traditional galvo and resonant scanner-based microscope imaging techniques and combines them with a 3D imaging feature thanks to the unique acousto-optic scanner.


  • 3D imaging extension for any existing microscopes and individual system
  • Simultaneous read out of neural activity on both the somatic and dendritic scales
  • Increased measurement speed and signal-to-noise ratio by several orders of magnitude
  • 3D Network imaging of over 2000 soma distributed in 3D
  • Imaging of dendritic branches through layers
  • Simultaneous imaging of over thousands of spines
  • Unique, flexible scanning methods supporting in vivo and in vitro measurements
  • In vivo 3D motion correction by specialized scanning patterns
  • High-speed 3D random-access ROI scanning: scanning speed up to 30 kHz to any points in 3D
  • High-speed raster scanning: 40 fps at 510×510, and even 3000 fps at reduced FOV
  • Improved excitation efficiency for large 3D scanning volume with GECIs
  • Automatic wavelength tuning between 750 – 1050 nm
  • Functional imaging correlated with electrophysiological data
  • Calcium imaging during behavior
  • 3D random-access photo stimulation for optogenetics